Scan It

How to Use Scan It

Scan It was created with the purpose to make your life easy! We use Image Recognition to accurately identify anything you take a picture of and give you the most relevant information about the product. Here's all the info you can expect from us - 

  • Product Description
  • Where It's Available in Physical Retail
  • Further Relevant Info About the Product
  • Order it Online from a Range of Websites


Staying true to our goal of making your life easy, we've ensured that Scan It is a One Stop Shop for all your Information needs. This means that there are only a handful of things our powerful image recognition software can't identify. Here are all the segments that we can though!

| Electronics | Apparel | Accessories | Footwear |Plants | Animals | Automobiles | Automobiles | Mechanical Equipment | Watches | Appliances | Furniture | Everything |


TLDR? Check out the infographic below to take a quick look at how we can make your life a hell of a lot easier



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